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Pet Top™ Portable Drinking Devices for Pets

Pet Top® Device Demo Step 1 1.Twist the Pet Top™ drinking device onto one of the many compatible water bottles, by gripping the base of the unit and turning clockwise onto the bottle neck until it fits snugly.
Pet Top® Device Demo Step 2 2.Hold the base of the device and turn the upper cap counterclockwise to the open position that’s best for your pet.*
Indicator markings help you easily remember the desired open position.** Pet Top® Device Demo Step 2 Inset
Pet Top® Device Demo Step 3 3.Turn the bottle upside down (as vertical as possible) and allow your pet to lick the ball. Do not squeeze the bottle. Pets intuitively take to the device, especially if they’re thirsty.
Pet Top® Device Demo Step 4 4.When done, turn the upper cap clockwise until it seals tightly with the ball.
*The Pet Top™ drinking device is designed to be used by pets of various sizes—to minimize drips and prevent your pet from taking in water too fast, please use the smallest opening that works for your pet and do not squeeze the bottle.

**When you get to the maximum open position (largest indicator marking) you should feel greater resistance—please do not loosen the upper cap beyond the largest indicator marking as the ball may dislodge or you may damage the device.

For important safety information and detailed instructions for use please click here.

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Love your pet--love your Pet Top!™
Neat, Convenient Portable Drinking Devices for pets.
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