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Pet Top™ Portable Drinking Devices for Pets
Product Information

Our unique patented Pet Top™ portable drinking device for pets is designed to provide a neat and convenient water supply for your pet when you're on the go and can't be bothered with the mess, hassle and waste of pouring water into a bowl.

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To get the most of out of your use of the Pet Top™ Portable Drinking Device, please read the instructions below, including the safety and product use information. Thank you.

Itís convenient!

Take the Pet Top™ portable drinking device with you to the park, in the car, on a walk, or anywhere your pet needs a drink. Itís small enough to fit in a jogging pack, purse or pocket when not in use. And since it fits most standard water bottles, youíll always have a ready source of water nearby. You can even reuse a water bottle.

Itís adjustable so it works for any size pet!

You adjust the flow of water by simply turning the cap, so your pet gets just the right amount. And our unique ratchet-action keeps the Pet Top™ portable drinking device open at your desired setting while in use, so your pet gets the right amount of water throughout! And it automatically stops when the pet stops drinking. So thereís no muss, no fuss.

Itís easy to use!

  1. Simply twist the Pet Top™ drinking device onto one of the many compatible water bottles, by gripping the base of the unit and turning clockwise onto the bottle neck until it fits snugly.

  2. Hold the base of the device and turn the upper cap counterclockwise to the open position thatís best for your pet. Indicator markings help you easily remember the desired open position and ratchet-action keeps the device open at the desired setting.

    The Pet Top™ drinking device is designed to be used by pets of various sizesóto minimize drips and prevent your pet from taking in water too fast, please use the smallest opening that works for your pet and do not squeeze the bottle.

    When you get to the maximum open position (largest indicator marking) you should feel greater resistanceóplease do not loosen the upper cap beyond the largest indicator marking as the ball may dislodge or you may damage the device.

  3. Turn the bottle upside down and allow your pet to lick the ball. Do not squeeze the bottle. Most pets intuitively take to the device, especially if theyíre thirsty.

    TIP: If your pet doesnít readily lick the ball, first wet the ball by rolling it with your finger. If necessary, place some peanut butter or corn syrup on the rim around ball until your pet learns to use it.

  4. When done, turn the upper cap clockwise until it seals tightly with the ball.

  5. To refill the bottle, simply remove the device by twisting the base counterclockwise, fill with water, and reattach as in Step 1.

Itís easy to clean!

The Pet Top™ portable drinking device is dishwasher-safe! Just open the Pet Top™ device to the largest indicator marking (maximum open position), secure the device on the top rack, use normal cycle and do not heat-dry. Please take care not to force the Pet Top™ device beyond the largest indicator marking, as the ball may dislodge and/or you may damage the device.

We care!

Your Pet Top™ portable pet drinking device is made with only high-quality non-toxic materials. Satisfaction guaranteed!


If you have any questions about our products, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or please feel free to contact us!


Caution Warning
This device has small parts that may be a choking hazard if used improperly, so please keep this product away from children under 3 years old. Do not allow your pet to chew on device. Do not open upper cap beyond largest indicator marking as ball may dislodge or device may be damaged. Please inspect your Pet Top™ drinking device prior to each use. To minimize drips and excess water to your pet, use the smallest opening that works for your pet and do not squeeze the bottle. Do not use while driving.

Love your pet--love your Pet Top!ô
Neat, Convenient Portable Drinking Devices for pets.
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